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Author(s): Britt-Louise Gunnarsson

Publisher: —

Category: Education

Date: 08.06.2009

Pages: 288

Language: English

ISBN-10: 826492134

ISBN-13: 9780826492135

Format: PDF

Book Description:

Professional Discourse gives a broad and multifaceted perspective on discourse in the professions. For each of these professions, the book explores the dual relationship between discourse and context, outlining how professional discourse is continuously reconstructed in relation to changing contextual frameworks. The case studies discussed in the book are based on authentic texts and spoken data, collected within different environments and related to different domains. The book includes discussion of both theory and methodology, thus providing tools for exercises and future studies. The reader is introduced to a variety of analytical approaches, that of textlinguistics, pragmatics, genre studies, sociolinguistics, interactional sociolinguistics and sociology, psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology. The book gives theoretically grounded and systematically investigated answers to questions of relevance for advanced learners, practitioners and academic scholars.

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